All the essential vitamins, minerals and hormones that are needed for your skin or injected into the middle layer of your skin and the XS fat becomes removed two. This non-surgical technique will treat or skin damages. It will tackle deeper skin issues such as poor circulation, inflammation and XS fat. For this treatment we use a highly advanced technology which includes a colour therapy and lifting mask which will help eliminate any wrinkles.


Derma Elegant mesotherapy

We also help your skin look radiant, flowing and firm with the best professional tool for skin rejuvenation called Innopen. This technology will help you attain fresh and healthy skin to treat scars, stretchmarks, burns, brown spots, dark circles and cellulite. Innopen is an automated system which comes with a sterile disposable tip. Using wery fine needles in your skin, this will absorb all the nutrients and active ingredients into your skin. A skilled and professional operator is essential to conduct this treatment. We will create a personalized plan to help you achieve your desired skin. This technology is effective on both men and women. Before the treatment begins we will ask you if you use any special medicines or drugs and this will be considered before starting treatment. You will receive a series of essential injections based on your concerns

  • Minimal side effects as we have a trained practitioner on site

  • Ability to tighten the skin

  • Some people can return to the regular activities but others may need one day of rest of the treatment

  • FDA approved ingredients