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Hair Removal Laser

Benefits of our laser hair removal with our excellent technology

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Rue Sherbrooke Est

Service Description

In 1996, laser hair removal was introduced as a process where pulses of laser light destroy the hair follicle in order to prevent future hair growth. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States have approved this process for a “permanent hair reduction”. The most important part in laser hair removal is melanin. Melanin is a component which gives your skin and hair color. This laser light is then absorbed by the melanin. Hair colors that are black, brown, reddish brown or dirty blonde will respond well to the treatment and will provide the most effective results. However, with white, strawberry-blonde or light blonde hair, laser hair removal produces poor results. But it must be remembered that the skills and experience of the laser operator as well as the choice of procedure are key in determining how effective the result will be. Both men and women can experience the benefits of laser hair removal with our excellent technology which is safe and effective. You can remove all unwanted hair around your face and body at the Derma Elegant Clinic. After just three sessions of treatment, most of our patients attain surprising results however this depends on your skin and hair type to determine the best result. Usually 6 to 8 sessions are needed on average. Depending on areas with hair that you want removed, the interval between sessions depend on this. The first appointment will consist of us examining your skin and making this decision on the best and effective setting for you and we assure you that having laser hair removal at our clinic means that you no longer need to wax or shave. We have special glasses to protect your eyes from the laser. And it is incredibly rare that you notice redness and swelling for the first few hours after your laser having a go. This is because we use advanced technology which is accurate, safe and fast In Derma Elegant clinic we treat all skin types and skin colors with our latest equipment It is advisable to not opt for Cheap laser hair removal services because they most likely use old equipment and inexperienced staff. Laser hair removal is less painful than other treatments Feel comfortable in a clean and professional environment which is essential to help you feel confidence in us and your treatment. You can continue with your daily life after each treatment.

Contact Details

  • 5825 Rue Sherbrooke Est bureau 7, Montreal, QC, Canada

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