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Laser Haire Removal


In 1996, laser hair removal was introduced as a process where pulses of laser light destroy the hair follicle in order to prevent future hair growth. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States have approved this process for a “permanent hair reduction”. The most important part in laser hair removal is melanin. Melanin is a component which gives your skin and hair color.

This laser light is then absorbed by the melanin. Hair colors that are black, brown, reddish brown or dirty blonde will respond well to the treatment and will provide the most effective results. However, with white, strawberry-blonde or light blonde hair, laser hair removal produces poor results. But it must be remembered that the skills and experience of the laser operator as well as the choice of procedure are key in determining how effective the result will be.

Laser hair removal in Derma Elegant

Both men and women can experience the benefits of laser hair removal with our excellent technology which is safe and effective. You can remove all unwanted hair around your face and body at the Derma Elegant Clinic. After just three sessions of treatment, most of our patients attain surprising results however this depends on your skin and hair type to determine the best result. Usually 6 to 8 sessions are needed on average. Depending on areas with hair that you want removed, the interval between sessions depend on this. The first appointment will consist of us examining your skin and making this decision on the best and effective setting for you and we assure you that having laser hair removal at our clinic means that you no longer need to wax or shave. We have special glasses to protect your eyes from the laser. And it is incredibly rare that you notice redness and swelling for the first few hours after your laser having a go. This is because we use advanced technology which is accurate, safe  and fast


  • In Derma Elegant clinic we treat all skin types and skin colors with our latest equipment

  • It is advisable to not opt for Cheap laser hair removal services because they most likely use old equipment and inexperienced staff.

  • Laser hair removal is less painful than other treatments

  • Feel comfortable in a clean and professional environment which is essential to help you feel confidence in us and your treatment.

  • You can continue with your daily life after each treatment.




Electrolysis is a method to permanently remove hair on the face or body which is done by using a small amount of electricity to eradicate the base of the hair follicle, one by one. This type of the movie is most effective for those who have sparse, grey, red or blonde hair on any skin type which cannot be treated with a laser hair removal technology. People with all skin types and hair types could benefit from electrolysis.


Derma Elegant Electrolysis

We used excellent technology and have skilled and experienced staff on site to help you attain the best results. You only need to have one or more session which all depends on several factors, such as your hair growth cycle, previous use of hair removal methods such as waxing and so on. Derma Elegant is here to treat every single part of your face and body with the electrolysis treatment and we recommend the best treatment plan for you to obtain optimum results.


  • Smaller areas of the body such as the neck and face of the most common places where people choose to treat it with electrolysis.

  • The inside of your ears or nose can never be treated with electrolysis.

  • In some cases, your skin will appear to be slightly red, tender or swollen. This depends on your skin type.

Facial Oxygenating


This facial treatment oxygenates your skin and makes it look younger without any pain. It provides many different significant improvements in your skin. You will see a reduction in dry skin, fine lines, open pores, tight skin and dry skin just from the first session. This treatment is fully natural, and it removes all the dead cells in the upper layers of the skin. It washes your skin and removes all the bacteria from it, bringing oxygen rich blood onto the surface of your skin.

Derma Elegant oxygenating

Derma Elegant clinic offers you a session of unique care with oxygen. The deep layer of your skin becomes oxygenated and this is done with fast and effective results. Your skin will blow and become more peaceful for a long period of time. Your targets for the skin are considered and we recommend how many treatments you need to achieve your desired skin. This treatment is suitable for all men and women and of all skin types Immediate and significant results are achieved Only natural ingredients are used Your skin is protected from the sun damage You can return to your daily life after the treatment.




Microdermabrasion is a light physical explanation of the skin. The uppermost dead skin they are is removed in this treatment and it allows your body to create new and healthy cells. This procedure but I knew your skin, providing it with an improvement in sun spots, age spots and fine lines.



Derma Elegant Microdermabrasion

Derma Elegant helps your skin feel fresh and healthy using a piece of equipment with cutting-edge techniques. It’s comes with a small applicator to stand down the thick layer of your skin. This usually takes around one hour, and we discuss your concerns before the appointment to find out whether microdermabrasion is the correct treatment for you. The most appropriate plan is designed for each session as well as how to maintain after the treatment. This treatment is for all skin types and or skin colors.


  • Fine lines and wrinkles are eradicated

  • Brown spots are eradicated

  • You will see a significant improvement in skin that looks tired

  • Skin begins to look smoother and more youthful

  • There may be some redness or swelling for a few hours after treatment, but you can generally continue with your day-to-day life after the treatment




All the essential vitamins, minerals and hormones that are needed for your skin or injected into the middle layer of your skin and the XS fat becomes removed two. This non-surgical technique will treat or skin damages. It will tackle deeper skin issues such as poor circulation, inflammation and XS fat. For this treatment we use a highly advanced technology which includes a colour therapy and lifting mask which will help eliminate any wrinkles.


Derma Elegant mesotherapy

We also help your skin look radiant, flowing and firm with the best professional tool for skin rejuvenation called Innopen. This technology will help you attain fresh and healthy skin to treat scars, stretchmarks, burns, brown spots, dark circles and cellulite. Innopen is an automated system which comes with a sterile disposable tip. Using wery fine needles in your skin, this will absorb all the nutrients and active ingredients into your skin. A skilled and professional operator is essential to conduct this treatment. We will create a personalized plan to help you achieve your desired skin. This technology is effective on both men and women. Before the treatment begins we will ask you if you use any special medicines or drugs and this will be considered before starting treatment. You will receive a series of essential injections based on your concerns

  • Minimal side effects as we have a trained practitioner on site

  • Ability to tighten the skin

  • Some people can return to the regular activities but others may need one day of rest of the treatment

  • FDA approved ingredients

Young woman undergoing carbon peeling procedure in salon.jpg

Laser Carbon Peeling


The skin treatment of peeling removes dead cells in the skin and this will increase the collagen and improve skin radiance. The skin treatment is excellent to tackle uneven skin tones, wrinkles, light scars, cellulite or brown spots. Peeling encourages blood circulation on the skin and will improve the appearance of skin – making it look more youthful.



Derma Elegant Peeling

Derma Elegant clinic’s supervisors start with evaluating your type of skin and the problems with it and then they consider your concerns and use the most high-quality and non-harmful substances to begin to begin the peeling treatment to tackle your skin problems. This has zero side effects.


  • During the treatment period you can continue with your daily life

  • Noninvasive

  • Results in brighter skin and more even skin tone

  • This is a quick, simple, and safe procedure with nice results

  • Can be used to treat sensitive areas such as under the eyes or around the mouth

  • Painless


Hifu Ultrasound


Ultrasound of high intensity is another day and painless treatment which aims to lift, tighten and rejuvenate skin on the face and body including the eyes, neck and stomach. Ultrasound energy is used to create collagen, and this will result in improving the elasticity of your skin. This procedure is FDA approved.


Derma Elegant HIFU

Derma Elegant clinic enables customers to achieve firm and rejuvenated skin using this treatment. It does not require any surgery or invasive materials and it does not damage any layers of your skin. In the consultation we will talk to you about your desired results and will offer you a number of sessions accordingly. Festival, the area is cleaned by professional staff and then we apply HIFU gel to get you prepared for the treatment. We then place a HIFU device on the skin concerned and the device setting is adjusted.

HIFU ultrasound is provided For both men and women of all ages with a personalized setting and plan to ensure that we are able to achieve your desired results.


  • As soon as your appointment is over, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities

  • Skin redness may be experienced

  • HIFU is a safe treatment conducted by our trained and qualified professional

  • Less costly than surgical lifting

Laser removal of permanent makeup. The beautician removes the tattoo from the eyebrows..jp

Laser Tattoo Removal

Derma Elegant Laser Tattoo Removal

Traditional tattoo removal systems have been limited in their ability to treat all tattoo colours, breakup ink particles, and completely remove tattoos with a reasonable number of treatments. it’s time to experience the picoway difference for tattoo removal in montreal .We use the latest laser technology, therefore you can expect quick recovery and minimal treatments will be required.