Hifu Ultrasound



Ultrasound of high intensity is another day and painless treatment which aims to lift, tighten and rejuvenate skin on the face and body including the eyes, neck and stomach. Ultrasound energy is used to create collagen, and this will result in improving the elasticity of your skin. This procedure is FDA approved.


Derma Elegant HIFU

Derma Elegant clinic enables customers to achieve firm and rejuvenated skin using this treatment. It does not require any surgery or invasive materials and it does not damage any layers of your skin. In the consultation we will talk to you about your desired results and will offer you a number of sessions accordingly. Festival, the area is cleaned by professional staff and then we apply HIFU gel to get you prepared for the treatment. We then place a HIFU device on the skin concerned and the device setting is adjusted.

HIFU ultrasound is provided For both men and women of all ages with a personalized setting and plan to ensure that we are able to achieve your desired results.


  • As soon as your appointment is over, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities

  • Skin redness may be experienced

  • HIFU is a safe treatment conducted by our trained and qualified professional

  • Less costly than surgical lifting